Why TruckCourier?

We understand that shipments for the energy industry are anything but normal. They are often very bulky or incredibly fragile components that need to be delivered safely and on time. Whether we are sent off the beaten path, or to downtown Boston, your shipment will arrive in the same condition it left. Just ask us about how we ship solar panels! From Cargo Vans to Moffetts to Tractor Trailers, there is no move we can’t do for you. Our dedication to clear, transparent communication through every leg of the journey makes us the leader in same-day LTL shipping for the energy sector.

An Electric Offering

For further destinations, we have internal capacity, and a vast network of partner-carriers that we have been working with for decades. We will put together a custom program that puts you in control.


Whether it is your favorite supplier or an extended project, we can set up standard routes that works for you.


Pick-up and delivery all in one day, with no rush or expedited surcharge. Our same-day service area is a 500-mile radius from Boston.

Exclusive Use

We’ll provide the equipment and driver; you supply the stops. Outsource your fleet operations or cover vacations, either way we have you covered.

Learn how TruckCourier provided New England's largest single source electric provider 24/7 distribution capacity.

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Energizing Solutions


We’re where you need us any time of day. We run 24/7 365 to keep you and your contractors where you need them most, in the field.

The Right Equipment

Cargo Vans, Straight Trucks, Air Ride, CDL, Moffetts, Tractor Trailers, pads, straps, liftgates, pallet jacks – we have the right equipment for any move.


Other carriers charge based on the piece or pound, we offer one flat price based on where it is going, and which vehicle type is needed.

Job Site Cleanup

When the job is done, we will recover your equipment and deliver it safely back to your headquarters.

Easy Orders

Email, call, use the customer portal or write it down on the corner of a bar napkin. We work to simplify your life, and that includes the order process!

Door to Door

You can rest assured that your shipment will not be passed around multiple hands or get lost in the shuffle.

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